Zoom Hygge Box I Father's Day I Shave Me
Zoom Hygge Box I Father's Day I Shave Me
Zoom Hygge Box I Father's Day I Shave Me

Hygge Box I Father's Day I Shave Me

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Like it smooth and clean? Shave me is for you or the one you love. Valor is an organic beard, shave and skin care range from Bryon Bay. Valor for the man that wants a healthy face and planet.


Shave Dish & Shaving Puk

An organic Olive Oil Shaving Soap that will make a fine lather (like a cross between a shaving cream and a gel), that will give great glide and provide a smooth shave. Comes complete in a ceramic bowl.

Original Blend was Valor scent created – the scent was designed for a soap we produced for Sea Shepherd – embodying the qualities that Warriors need.  Shave with it for a week and notice the difference in how your skin feels. Essential Oils of Sweet Fennel, Clove, Lime and Patchouli were chosen for the qualities they can induce:  Strength and Valor in the face of adversity, Protection, and Courage, Raises energy, Sharpen the wits and banishes Lethargy.  No shrinking violets here – this sweet Aniseed smelling blend, is always in demand.

Shave Brush (with travel case)

This vegan-friendly Shaving Brush is essential for the ultimate traditional shaving experience.

The soft synthetic bristles build a wonderful thick lather and apply an even spread of soap for the most precise shave. Matches the performance of Badger Bristle Brushes without the cruelty.

All our brushes have passed rigorous testing but the life of any shaving brush will be enhanced by rinsing out after each use and resting where it can air dry.